Nahskwell 10'0 Longboard review

Nahskwell Longboard 10'0

I approached the UK importer of Nahskwell to try some boards. Despite me protesting that I wasn't looking for this kind of board, and looking to progress down into the circa 9 foot catergory, Jon at Kai Sports was adamant that I try this board, given my longboarding background and how much I enjoy paddling my 11'2 Blend. When I saw the board on the grass next to my other boards (a 9'8 and 11'2) I instantly got excited. Its got a really nice drawn in pin tail and super sexy rails that taper towards the front and the back, you can tell the shaper of this board has really put some love into it. The paradoxical thing about this board is it is similar in volume to the 9'3 surf series, which begs the question... why?

The lower volume means this isn't an easy board to paddle, don't get me wrong, any intermediate paddler could enjoy it, but its certainly not a 10 foot boat that other SUP companies are offering in this size. This board is designed for people who simply want to glide. If you are looking for performance hacks and top to bottom snaps on a SUP then don't even bother. If you look at old surf movies of style masters and enjoy riding a mal of some description, you should seriously get a paddle on one of these! To turn this, you need to be prepared to move up and down the board, the rewards are fantastic!

Finish wise, its great, as with all the Nahskwell stuff I've tried it feels also most like a custom board, no major bells and whistles, just simple understated graphics in a nicely finished package. The only problem I now have with this board is the fact I want to buy one to sit alongside a smaller surf style shape!!!!

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