I missed the official launch?

Ok, so official launch didn't really happen!

But we did go live on Facebook and a week later we were running taster sessions... It seemed like loads happened, from our van logos, to our boards arriving and our first bookings coming in. SUP has been so well received in most places we've been and we've had well over 20 people out in our first week already. This photo was one of our first. Thanks to Mike Searle for the cracking image!

It really is a totally accessible and enjoyable way to get on the water! We've been doing it since 2008, and didn't ever realise how amped people were to have a go at it...

So whilst I've been really pushing the tour side of things and getting the tasters running, Lucy has been working really hard on a SUPfitness programme (think something along the lines of the 30 day ab challenge, only more pleasant, fun and generally way less stressful). What better way is there to stay fit than by being on the water and soaking up the Cornish sunshine?

Well the summer is well and truly here, if you really want to take up a new sport, get outside and enjoy this beautiful country, there are alot worse ways about than on a stand up paddle board!

Hope to see you all soon on the water.


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